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My Golf Day October 2nd 2015

Date: 02/10/2015

It's been a tough year, probably my toughest in 14 years on tour but strangely it has had nothing to do with my golf. I have made great progress with my coach John Eyre and beginning to feel like I can rely on my swing once again. I have changed a lot over the last 2 years but I would do it all again because I am now proud to show my swing off to anyone who wants to see it. Before I was almost ashamed to tee it up because my swing had deteriorated so much. My biggest problem over the last two years though has been lack of sponsorship. I always want to shout at the telly when I hear Peter Aliss asking publicly where all our Talented British Women Golfers are. I'll tell you where they are Peter, most of them have been driven out of the game because of lack of any funding outside of amateur golf. Once you turn professional you are completely on your own. You have to find your own Sponsors, which in this climate is getting harder and harder. There are no grants given to young girls in their first year on tour in England as there are in many other countries therefore if you don't come out winning like Holly Clyburn or Charley Hull most girls have to weigh up their financial situation before they sign up for another year on tour. The basic truth is that we don't earn enough to pay for the expenses of travelling around the World ourselves even if you manage to get into the top 40 in Europe, your not making enough. The men on the other hand could make e400,00 in one season and not keep their playing rights on tour for next year. Earning money like that they have no money worries at all and can put all their time and thoughts into playing good golf and paying for everything that keeps you playing good golf, i.e. Physio's, psychologists, personal trainers, coach's etc, etc.One very average year on tour could even pay off their mortgage!
I am really proud of being on tour for so long and if I have to give it all up it will be because I can't afford it any longer. It will be a sad day because I believe now I am a better player than I ever have been and just need some time for it to bed in and get my confidence back.
I have 3 or 4 tournaments left and are therefore holding a golf day to help raise some funds to pay for my remaining tournaments. It is at Woodsome Hall Golf Club, Huddersfield, on the 2nd October. It should be a great day, with a lot of laughter. I would really love your support, if you can make it!
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Date: 15/05/2015

I'm sat in sunny Antalya Turkey writing this. I have arrived to play in the Turkish Open at Carya golf club but unfortunately I haven't seen past my balcony yet. As soon as I arrived my throat started and the fever, headaches have followed, I am full of cold! I'm stocked up with paracetamol and lots of fluids, so hopefully it will pass through my system soon! I still have 5 days until the tournament starts so fingers crossed!
So, seen as I have a lot of time on my hands let's tell you what I've been up to since Australia/New Zealand.

We haven't played much at all this spring in fact I have only played once in Morroco since Australia. Morroco is always a nice week as we play alongside the men's European Tour, it's nice to see the lads you grew up with and it adds something special to the week! I was feeling good going there and despite taking a tumble in the locker room before I went out on the first day I made the cut and played the weekend. My golf didn't improve much over the weekend so unfortunately a few silly mistakes left me well down the field.
I have had over 5 weeks at home with my coach since then and we are really pleased with the progress we have made. I am also working with a new Physio at home, I have my exercises to do daily and am enjoying the subtle differences we are seeing.

My car sponsor Clemo Cleckheaton have just given me a new Fiat 500L which I am thoroughly enjoying driving while at home. It is in a sporty yellow with a white roof and does catch people's attention, judging by how many looks I'm getting in it....and no that's not because of my poor driving!! Thanks to all the team at Clemo for looking after me so well for so many years, I really appreciate it!

I also had my new clothes delivered for this season from Rohnisch. They are so comfortable, come in striking colours and look fabulous on the golf course or out & about. I've worn Rohnisch for 4 years now and have probably felt the most comfortable on the golf course in Rohnisch than in any other brand. They do some fabulous outerwear too, sleeveless jackets, full jackets and their trousers have to be tried to be believed! To get hold of a Rohnisch item John Eyre at Woodsome Hall stocks it, but be quick, it sells out fast!

The long journey home

Date: 02/03/2015

March 2nd and I'm on my way home from Australia and New Zealand. I'm on the last leg from Dubai to Manchester, I've done well this time I've had the A380 on all four legs of the trip, something that doesn't happen that often! I'm even happier too as I have managed to get 3 seats to myself at the back of the plane for some much needed shut eye. I'm about 25 hours in to a 31 hour trip home from Christchurch. The A380 has made such a difference to the trip, I reckon it's saved me about 5 hours travel time on last year's trip. They fly direct now 14 hours from Dubai to Brisbane where before you had to touch down in Singapore or Sydney.

The trip on the whole has been a great success in the future of my golf. I missed by 1 in Royal Pines and by a few in the end in Clearwater but wow have I hit some great shots. I three puttered at Pines 3 from home trying to force the birdie which was disappointing but ok for my first tournament round for over 2 months. Then at Christchurch I played the best golf I have played in ages, struck the ball lovely and further than I have been doing which brought it's own problems, I hit the wrong clubs on 2 holes both days which cost me dearly. There was however when I look at the stats huge improvements in distance and consistency in the ball striking, which is what I have been working towards for over a year now. I am delighted and can't wait to get home and show my coach the improvement! So unfortunately no money or top ten's coming in yet but huge improvements and 5 good weeks of work in the sun under my belt!

I play in the Sunningdale Foursommes next with my coach John Ayre, which will be great fun and hopefully very beneficial for my golf too. Two weeks after that we are in Morroco for the Hassan II Trophy, I 'm really looking forward to that week, my driver head cracked there last year so I'm looking forward to a bit of good fortune there this year!

I've stayed with 3 families on this trip and I couldn't have made the trip without each of there generous hospitality and help. James & Rebecca Whiteley I stayed with in Dubai for 4 days and enjoyed a day at the Emirates Golf Club for the men's Omega Dubai Desert Classic on the way through to Australia. I just love that place! We also managed an afternoon by the pool with the kids and some Karama indulgence, well when in Dubai!

Then it was on to my second family the Mathiou's on the Gold Coast. So lovely to spend some time with all of them and work hard at my golf at the same time. Sjaan & I managed our yearly surfing experience at the end of the golf, despite shark attacks up and down the coast, mind you I think most of the shark attacks happen when the surfers are actually on their surf board, so I was fine!! What a rush that is to be in the water over there, a great work out and soooo much fun had with my pal!

Last but not least Steve & Liz McNally at Clearwater, Christchurch. Living on the course there really is very special, I was there the week before and got some great work done on my game. A special thanks to John & Barbara next door for the use of their golf buggy during the week. We managed a day trip to Akaroa this year too which was cool to see something of New Zealand rather than just the golf course. However there are always things to do at Clearwater, the residents are very friendly and social and really make the event very special with barbecue's and drinks parties galore! I've met some lovely people around the world through golf and are very lucky to have such great friends, I just wish I saw them more than once a year.

I would just like to mention Mr. John Parker who I met out at Royal Pines this year. He had been reading my website and seen I am connected to the Wooden Spoon Rugby Charity at home. He did no more than gave me $100 Aus (50) to pass on to the Wooden Spoon Charity when I got home. What an amazing gesture! I'll see that gets passed on for you John and hope to see you again next year!

New Attachment

Date: 27/01/2015

A happy new year to you! I've just had the longest uninterrupted break at home for over 5 years. I've absolutely loved it! I actually thought it would be difficult to get on the plane this morning but I'm so excited to get playing again, I can't wait to get there! It's been great to be in the same country as my coach for nearly 2 months and I'm sure this will make a difference as we start the new season.

I have some exciting news too, I am now attached to Woodsome Hall Golf Club in Huddersfield. My coach John Ayre is head professional there. Obviously I have been spending a lot of time up there practising and I have met a lot of new people. Everyone is so warm and welcoming, they really seem interested to have a Lady European Tour Professional attached to their club, which is fabulous! I am looking forward to the spring and getting to know more about the club and it's members.

We've spent a lot of time over the last two months using the indoor facility that John has built above the shop, such a great space and perfect in this weather. However I have done my fair share of outside training too and am I glad to be now on the plane to Brisbane. 5 layers, 2 pairs of knee high ski socks and a Woolley hat doesn't look good on anyone!!!!

I've got 3 weeks of warm weather training ahead of me with 2 weeks of tournament golf. First I will stay with The Mathiiou's as usual on the Gold Coast and compete in the RACV Australian Masters at Royal Pines. I can't wait to see everyone again, they are like my second family, I've been staying with them for over 12 years now and their hospitality blows me away every time I stay. Then it's on to the New Zealand Open at Clearwater where I am fortunate to stay with more good friends and my excellent caddy for the week Steve & Liz McNally. I am very fortunate to be staying with these two families as I wouldn't be able to afford to come to Australia and compete without their support. Between them they will save me well over a thousand pounds of hotel and living expenses, etc. It will be nice to play well and repay their tremendous hospitality.

I have been sponsored well overall in my 14 years on tour but I have still had to pay my travel expenses out of my winnings for 5 out of the 14 years. This can be anything from 15/20 thousand pounds per year. In women's golf, although we are making progress we win less than 10% compared to what a male counterpart would win on the European Tour finishing in the same position. In 2015 it annoys me that probably 70% of the women that play on the Ladies European Tour will have to struggle to find the expenses to play the sport they have made so many sacrifices for. Most women give up the sport because they simply can't afford to travel to the tournaments anymore...I'll admit if I don't find a sponsor this year, I will be joining that statistic. It has been 3 difficult years for me now without a sponsor and after being injured as well, it's been pretty grim. Finishing 4th in South Africa last October has spurred me on to win the money I need to keep playing but as my travel expenses rack up, so does the stress.

If you know anyone that would be interested in sponsorship my email address is

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My Golf Day October 2nd 2015

It's been a tough year, probably my toughest in 14 years on tour but strangely it has had nothing to do with my golf. I have made great progress with my coach John Eyre and beginning to feel like I can rely on my ...

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