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Spring 2013

Date: 05/05/2013

Forgive me..A lot has happened since my last blog last year. I left home this morning with the green leaves starting to appear on the trees, daffodils finally basking in some sunshine, yes its spring, however very late, has arrived! I wish someone would tell that to the neighbours cherry blossom tree though, its normally the first sign of spring but its taking some awakening this year. Ill probably miss it now anyway, away in Turkey for 9 days, knowing my luck it will be all over the courtyard when I get back!

It has been a long winter at home for me. I injured my left hand whilst travelling back in September last year and thanks to the NHS system or lack of one, I actually paid for every treatment I had but still had the 4/5 month wait to get to the bottom of it. Finally I saw a specialist at Chapel Allerton Hospital who thanks to his knowledge and steady hand injected my finger joint with Steroids and after 10 days I was all better again! Amazing really, Im sure had I know of this man back in September I might have been mended by November but thanks to the horrendous system at my doctors surgery, then at Pinderfields it instead took 5 months and a lot of worry and patience. However Im very happy to be back playing and even happier to be earning again! When you have the best part of 5 months with no money coming in and not actually been told how to treat the injury, its a bit of a worry whether youll ever make any money ever again!

Thankfully I was fit enough to play in Morocco at the end of March, despite only picking up a club 5 days before the event I made the cut. I did fall away over the weekend but that was to be expected really, my hand may have been fit but I wasnt match fit and it showed over the weekend. I did however make enough to pay for my trip and I was off and running on the order of merit for 2013.

I was eager to get to South Africa as the weather had been ridiculously cold at home not giving me much chance to practice without 4 layers of clothing on and slight frost bite in my cheeks when I got back to the car. I wasnt looking forward to the 23-hour journey though; I went through Dubai with Emirates and paid for one way with my miles so it made it a little bit cheaper. When we arrived we had one and a half days of 30 degrees, bliss. Playing in a shirt and shorts, gorgeous scenery, lovely family to stay with, ,what more could anyone want? Then came the rain. rain, rain and more rain. We played the first day with umbrellas up all day from warming up to going home. It was a long hard slog but thankfully I managed to keep it together and shot a respectable one over par 73. That night it never stopped raining, I could hear it bouncing off the roof all night and when I woke at 5am for my 7.05am start I knew there was no chance wed get out there. We didnt get out at all that day and instead had a very nice afternoon with our host family, coffee and cake. The next day we were sent out on the course but brought in after 9 holes. The rain had made the course almost unplayable in parts but now the 50mph gusts of wind were the problem. Palm trees had blown down, you could hardly walk and the balls eventually stated moving on the greens.Finito!! A shame for the tournament and the club of Southbroom and its members that had worked hard to get ready for an event that hardly got going. Hopefully next year will be a far more positive experience for everyone.

So as for playing lots of golf, it just hasnt happened yet. I cant wait to get some golf under my belt. I came home from South Africa with slight lower back pain and thought nothing of it after such a journey. I thought I would give myself a couple of days off then start back and so off to the gym I went. As soon as I was home from the gym the slight back pain I had was now quite severe and restricting. I put heat and ice on it and expected it to get better over night, the next day I could hardly get out of bed! I went to see my Physio Paul and have spent the last few days of baking sunshine sat with a hot water bottle and light stretching, he assures me it will slowly get better but as I am sat on the flight to Turkey and still in pain, I am praying he will be right! He normally is! Unfortunately a combination of doing a little too much in the gym, a new move in my golf swing and all that way in Economy to South Africa hasnt helped my back at all. Hopefully a bit of sunshine in Turkey will help! Presuming I can get out of this non-reclining Easyjet chair first!! We dont start playing for 6 days; I came a little earlier to get some practice in Im really looking forward to being able to compete properly without things holding me backso hopefully the back pain will subside, the sun will shine and the ball will go straight!

After 13 years on tour, last year was the first time I have played without having any support with Sponsorship. Due to illness at the start of the 2012 when I had Pneumonia in Australia and injury at the end of the 2012 it was a tough year and one where I didnt manage to win enough to cover my costs let alone make any money. I am hoping this year will be different not only for staying clear of illness and injury but hopefully for gaining some interest from sponsors. I am hoping to attract some local support so if you know of anyone in Yorkshire that might be in a position to help me in whatever way please put them in touch. We have 11 live events around the world this year for the first time ever, which means more publicity for the womens game and more airtime for potential sponsors. I can be contacted via my website address Georgina or through Cleckheaton or Huddersfield Golf Clubs. Many Thanks!

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