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Happy New Year!

Date: 31/12/2011

After a lovely Christmas with my family it is fast approaching the New Year and nice to have some time to reflect on the year that has passed. A lot has happened for me in 2011, not all of it good but at least I have learnt from it and will be able to draw on them experiences to guide me in the future. I have learnt a lot about the person I am, my values, and how easy it is for me to be true to myself. How all this enables me to be happy with my life and how I lead it. I have my parents to thank for that and after my experiences this year I am very thankful to them.

I have learnt a lot about the golfer I am and that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of sources. Working hard in this game with your head down can sometimes lead you down the wrong path, it's a fine line but staying open minded, not letting obstacles knock you from your goals and learning from others around you has proved to be very successful for me in the last few months.

I also have a lot to be thankful for. My parents have had a tough year this year with my Dad having an operation at the end of July. Thankfully he was given the all clear by September and has made great progress ever since. In true Dad style he is now back to his normal annoying self and I am delighted about that.

All in all its been a tough year and one Im rather glad to be seeing the back of. Im looking forward to a fantastic 2012, starting with a great party tonight! I am in charge of the entertainment at a dinner party for 14 so I had better go and finish planning the party games. Thank you for following my career, warts and all on here and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Top Ten!

Date: 18/12/2011

Hung over, a lot tired and still smiling on my way home courtesy of the Emirates A380. I am absolutely delighted with finishing 9th in the Dubai Ladies Masters. I went into the week quite nervous and have played in an unusually uncomfortable state for me, unsure how the changes we had made were going to repeat or disappear.Thankfully they repeated and apart from Saturday I have been delighted with how I have struck the ball. The whole reason for making these changes was to add some power to my game and after hitting a driver and a six iron into the tough first hole on the Majilis when its normally a rescue wood, I think we have achieved just that. My friend James that caddied for me at the British Open in the summer caddied again for me at the weekend in Dubai and commented that I am an entirely different player than in the summer.

My scores were 72 70 73 67 (6 under par total) I had a great day the second day and made a silly mistake at the last hole taking 7 from visiting the water. However it was enough to sail me through to the weekend in 17th position. Saturday was a tough day out there, I lost the feeling I had had and as a result didnt strike the ball as well as I had done on previous days. I did manage to save par a few times though and get in without too much damage at 1 over par. On the last day I was playing with one of my good friends out here Elisabeth Esterl and that seemed to help me relax a little and play some good golf. I felt in control all day and when I did hit it close the putts just kept rolling in. I was a little unfortunate at the last though as my 9 iron approach to the par 5 hit the pin full on and ran away from the hole to about 20 feet. At the time I was yelling it to stop as it was heading closer and closer to the water but it did stay dry thankfully or that could have been very costly.

I feel like I am coming back from Dubai a different person. The strength and conditioning I was doing before Dubai have really helped my swing and in two weeks in Dubai, a day watching Dave Horsey and access to my coach Graham Walker, my swing has just slotted into place and it seems become more powerful and accurate overnight After 10 long years on tour I have never been in better shape and the good thing is that I feel it is only the beginning of something great. After this finish I am contemplating playing in Australia in Jan/Feb now. Before Dubai I thought I would benefit from more work on my game and in the gym at home but the changes have happened so quick and are able to stand up under pressure therefore I have to seriously consider playing while continuing the work.

However before Australia my thoughts are firmly fixed on Christmas with my family, decorating my house and cooking lots of lovely things. I bought my tree before I went to Dubai this year to avoid the disappointment of last year when I had to make do with the tree that no one wanted!!!!! I managed to get a couple of presents in Dubai but the rest I still have to buy.I must be the only person in the world at the moment that's looking forward to going Christmas shopping, all wrapped up warm and Christmas lights everywhere, I cant wait!

Its been a fantastic trip and I cant thank my host family (Mr.Tom) enough. Thanks to Tom I was able to go out to Dubai 10 days before the event and practice away from the horrible weather at home without it costing me a fortune. He has an amazing apartment in the Greens, 5 mins from the golf course and his guest room is gorgeous. I really feel like its home away from home which is exactly what you need when you do my job and something you very rarely come across. Unfortunately Tom was ill yesterday with the flu and missed all the exciting golf and more importantly the end of season party so I hope you are feeling better Mr. Tom.

Emirates Golf Club have been an amazing host to the Ladies European Tour once again. Everybody staff and members alike are so welcoming and friendly, something some of the clubs in England could learn from Im sureThey really look after the Pros so well and are genuinely delighted to have us there. This is a club that closes to its members for 10 days at the height of the golfing season to host a womens European Tour Event, I wish there were more clubs like that. From the locker room staff to the golf course attendants, bar staff and driving range staff, everyone is happy to have us there and greets you with a big smile and a good morning every day. Their facilities are second to none, they are perfectly situated next to the Metro and definitely worth a visit next time your in Dubai.

Merry Christmas All!


Date: 13/12/2011

Its amazing what a few thousand miles can do for your perspectiveand your health!

I am in Dubai for our last event of the year and have just spent the most amazing week in 27 degrees, surrounded by quality practice facilities and have even had access to my coach out here due to the men playing the Dubai World championship the same week.

Courtesy of Dave Horsey I spent all day on Tuesday out at the mens event shadowing my coach and learning lots! I thought it might be interesting to see how Dave prepared for an event compared to myself. Actually there is not much difference but I did learn loads about rotation and coiling. Watching Daves upper body turn all morning was really helpful and it has helped me to understand my own swing better. With Grahams help I have worked on rotating and delivering and understand the mechanics of everything much better than I ever did.

I have worked hard at every area of my game and I cant wait to get started tomorrow. I have spent the last 7 weeks in an intensive bio-mechanic program at Sheffield Hallam Uni and as a result am moving my body far better, I feel athletic over the ball and far more powerful. Everything has changed and for the better so it is a little scary teeing it up tomorrow but at the same time exciting. Ive said before that if you dont make these improvements you only go one way but you have to be realistic at the same time. Even if its a bit early to be reaping the benefits in competition of being fitter and stronger I am delighted with the progress Ive made this year and will enjoy taking on the mighty Majilis one more time.

Wow what a hectic Summer!!

Date: 10/09/2011


The build up to the British was stressful enough but the weeks after worrying about my dad making a quick recovery, trying to support my mum, not playing my greatest golf, installing new windows and being left broken hearted yet Again! has been a bit too much for me to handle on my own! Thank god I am beginning to see great results with my Physio, so I have something positive to hang onto! I have been working a while now with Alison the physio at Sheffield Hallam but just recently I have started seeing some real changes in my golf swing. It seems like once you get one breakthrough its easier for everything else to slip into place, however when your doing this on tour while your trying so hard to score, it becomes a lot more difficult!

I am on my way to Prague and am really looking forward to testing out my new mechanics under pressure. I'm working on all sorts of things at the moment and really enjoying the challenge. I hadn't quite grasped the new concept last week in Austria which was a bit annoying as I love the place but after a full day of un interrupted practice on sunday I am raring to go in Prague.

Apart from the horrendous hotel and missing the cut by one, it has been a good weeks work. I shot one over par and level the next day to miss by one but I hit some lovely iron shots and under pressure birdied two out of the last 4 holes to try and make it. I am however delighted with how my swing is looking. We have addressed the power leaks and with me in the gym this oct/nov it can only improve the distance I hit the ball, which was my goal at the start of all this. I have to keep telling myself that these things don't just happen overnight, it's a process i must work hard at and most of all be patient! Not one of my strong points away from the golf course!

I have one more week in succession in La Quinta, Marbella, this week. I am feeling more confident out there and more comfortable with my putting so we'll see how we go. Staying patient isn't as easy as it might seem at times when your friends are all making money and your not but I'm trying to stay focused on the bigger picture and understand that I will be a better player for it in the end. My coach always quotes me sigmund freud's definition of madness when I get a bit scared to change anything......when you keep doing the same things and expect different results..... I do believe I am on the right track and I also believe you have to strive to be a better golfer every year on this tour or else you get left behind. My ultimate goal is to be ready for Dubai in December but if I can make some cuts between now and then, that will be fantastic!

By the skin of my teeth!

Date: 28/06/2011

Sorry for not keeping up to the blogs,,,,will try harder!! Where to start We just finished a seven week stretch of tournaments in which I chose to play 4 on, 1 off, 2 on. My thought process was all around qualifying for the British Open and as Switzerland was the biggest of the 7 and at the very end, I wanted to be fresh for it. Thankfully I had a 6th place finish in Portugal and a couple of steady weeks after that which kept me on track for the British, so taking Holland off didnt feel to be a bad decision and was a well needed refresher. Unfortunately one bad decision I did make was getting on a plane from Luton to Tenerife, I wasnt in the right frame of mind at all and as a result my heart wasnt in it, still despite trying as hard as I could I played terrible and came home very early, thanks to a delighted Miss Hudson!

After some soul searching at home and what was meant to be a pep talk from my mother, more a panic talk actually....I was on a plane to Switzerland for the most important week of the year, exemptions for the British would be decided after this event! Once I had got my mind on the job at hand, I settled in and enjoyed playing the beautiful Golf Gerre Losone once again. I was lying in 19th place before I went out for the final round and thought I needed to be top 10 to guarantee my place at the British. Im not sure what happens to me around that golf course on a Sunday but the very same thing happened last year, I played great and shot level par.

Absolutely gutted and furious I got on the two hour bus journey back to Milan not knowing where I or anyone else had finished but thinking I had blown my chances well and truly for the British. I had every scenario in my head on that bus, thinking over the last 7 weeks and how I might have done things differently. Remembering Monday qualifying for the British 2 years ago when I missed out by a shot and had to watch it on telly, not good.! It didnt help either that I was flying back to Luton and had the 3 hour drive back up north thanks to them bloody 50 mph zones..Thankfully I had Adeles 21 album to keep me company which suited my mood by then (depressed) perfectly!

Even though it was gone 2am when I reached home I was straight on the computer trying to work out exactly where I stood. I had finished 29th on the order of merit and had needed to be in the top 25 for the British. With a glimmer of hope I went to bed hoping that some players would already be exempt in front of me on the list, leaving me in the top 25.I needed 4 players to come out and went to bed praying I had done enough. First thing in the morning I contacted the LGU, I was RIGHT, four players exactly were to come out ahead of me leaving me in the 25th spot and exempt for the 2011 British Open at CarnoustieWoohoooo!

I dont think Ive ever been put through as much stress as what I have felt in the last couple of weeks but thankfully it has all turned out for the best and I am still smiling a week later. It has always been important for me to make it into the British but this year was extra special with it being Carnoustie. I simply cant wait! Ill have 3 weeks after Helsinki to prepare for the event and I have a good friend from Dubai caddying for me, he cant wait either. It should be a great week and one I intend to do well in. Unfortunately it will be the first year in 10 years my parents wont be with me at the British, due to my dads operation in July. So I will be trying my very best to play well and get some coverage so they can watch me at home on the BBC. If that doesnt work Ill have to try what Jessie Anderson, one of the members at Cleckheaton, once told me to do to get on cameraFaint! Georgina just faint!!!

Portugal Ladies Open

Date: 18/05/2011

A good first day In Lisbon, a solid 2 under par. I did however leave a few out there and hoped to improve on the Saturday, so a 6 under par 66 did just the job! I was feeling good that day and having lots of encouragement at home. The change to my putting really worked as I had 6 birdies on my front nine holes and missed out having a tour record for 9 holes by one shot! My set up looks and feels far more stable so I will continue with that. My ball striking is also improving so hopefully I will keep improving and having more chances to shoot low in the weeks to come.

On Sunday morning we had been kept awake by what we thought were thunderstorms all night but as we pulled back the curtains we realised it was gusts of wind of up to 60mph! The early starters had the worst of the weather but it wasnt easy for us at the back of the field either. Ashleigh Simon, who eventually won the event, shot an amazing 67 in that wind around a tight and tricky golf course, quite some playing! I started bad dropping 3 shots in the first 3 holes but I managed a couple of birdies and eventually had 74 2 over par, which I wasnt too disappointed with at all. It left me in a tie for 6th place, which is my best finish of the year so far.

We are in Munich this week and my roommate and I are just beginning to feel a little home sick. We didnt get to go home last week and are out for a 3 week stretch so a little longer on the phone to friends and family and a glance at a few photos on the computer is to be expectedIts Wednesday, its always the first few days of the week that drag a little but once the tournament starts we barely have a minute to ourselves. I am playing at 13.20pm tomorrow so we will see how I get on this week. My game feels good; well just have to see if the putts will fall!

Portugal Ladies Open

Date: 13/05/2011

After the up and down of last week in Turkey I am now in Lisbon and despite the course here being very up and down I am looking forward to my scores levelling out a bit..

Campo Real has a great hotel and an ok golf course but it is VERY hilly! I have a power caddy this week, I know, not very professional but we are in the middle of nowhere so local caddies are hard to come by and pulling a trolley around this course in 29 degrees would be suicide.

My swing is always improving with the changes Graham and I work on and last week despite feeling really happy with the changes I lost my feel and timing on the second day, all thanks to being female! Unfortunately thats just one of those things so with the changes a few more days in place I am looking forward to seeing whats out there for me today.

We changed my putting set up last Tuesday so I am going to do a session before my warm up just to let it settle in a bit more. We are still in the early weeks of the year so I rather experiment a bit during these events and then I know what works going into the big ones later in the year.

I had a great few days at home in between Turkey and Lisbon so I am raring to get going again, lets see whats out there


Date: 04/04/2011

Having had 3 weeks at home after Christchurch, most of it on the couch with a chest infection, I was looking forward to getting on a plane again away from the cold and the germs. The Moroccan event this year was to be held in Agadir and was going to be held very close by to the Mens European Tour Event. Its great to see the guys every once in a while, especially when we have grown up with them playing junior golf. Their hotel was just down the road so it was nice and handy for dinner, functions etc. Obviously they were in the nicer hotel but ours was pretty good too. I didnt attend the Gala dinner this year but the welcome party was as social and fun as ever.

The golf course unfortunately was nothing like where the men played.It looked spectacular! If you saw any of it on Sky it was King Hassans private golf course and hadnt been played on since October! Unfortunately our course wasnt quite in the same conditionOurs was tight and bouncy with a little too much sand in the bunkersI think I was plugged 4 times out of 5, which left for some interesting recoveries and was probably the difference in the scoring between the mens and the ladies events. I think Dave Horsey won on 13 under par and Zusanna won our event on 2 under par and was the only person under par in the whole tournament.

I played good for the first two days and was lying at 2 over par and in 11th going into the weekend. I hadnt hit the ball amazingly solid but I had managed to score, the main thing around that golf course. Unfortunately the weekend was a very different matter The wind changed around on Saturday and I didnt manage to score, unfortunately shots slipped away, resulting in a 5 over par day. I dropped back to 31st and thought that I still had a chance to finish in the top ten if I could post an under par round.

Sunday started well I birdied the first hole, one of the toughest holes on the course and followed it up with another birdie at the second. An errant shot and a bit of bad luck meant a double bogey on the third and from then on whenever I tried to grab the momentum back that I had on the first two holes it only got worseshots slipped away, 2 plugged bunker shots and a very annoyed miss simpson started the back nine, however still positive I could pull it back
Unfortunately I got to 6 over par for the day and in a desperate measure to stop what was happening I offered my caddy John a bet2 birdies out of 6 holes and he owed me a G&T. Thankfully it worked and I birdied 14,15 & 16. I finished on 3 over for the day but what a day out there, havent had one of them for a while! Ill have to give that some analysis when I get back, mind you I have plenty of time for that as I have the next four weeks at home.

I finished 40th eventually and despite being able to make 3 birdies when the chips were very down, I am quite disappointed in my performance overall. Lets hope the two days at Woodhall Spa that Graham Walker has arranged for me and the lads this week will help to improve things..


Date: 23/02/2011

A good week to finish in Christchurch. I shot 72,70,69,75 to finish in tied 15th. Despite the wind gusting at 50mph on the last day I thoroughly enjoyed the week and played some great golf. I was really pleased with how I played over the first 3 days, everything has really improved while I have been here which is great news for my overall game and especially for the season ahead. I cant wait to get back and show Graham all the improvements. The windy conditions on the last day unfortunately made it a bit mickey mouse and was a shame for the tournament but overall finishing 15th isnt a bad week and at least I am off and running on the order of merit! A big thanks to my local caddy for the week Steve and his wife Liz, it was a real pleasure to spend the week in your company and I cant wait to crack open the Pinot Noir.

Ive learnt a lot this trip and not only about my golf game but the importance of massage and how to stay supple. I intend to carry that on all year as it has already made a huge difference to my game, my gym sessions and the positions I can get into. I will be looking for a Thai massage parlour in leeds when I get home.

It seems a bit strange this morning saying goodbye to all the girls again for another 5 weeks. It is a funny life we lead, you just adapt to living on the road when you have to adapt back to home life again, whatever that maybe! Normally I am delighted to be coming home but this time I feel Id rather just carry on. We play in Morocco next but I just heard on the news this morning that there was unrest there and protests. Well have to wait and see how that pans out. If we dont play in Morocco our next event will be Turkey at the end of April. Plenty of time to adapt back to home life then and work hard in the gym.

I left Christchurch on Monday afternoon at 4pm, 20 hours before the EarthquakeMy thoughts are with the many people trapped and the great people we met there. I hope you and your families are safe and well. I have heard that one of our Official Hotels the tour was using has been completely flattened and the restaurant we had dinner in on Sunday evening is now rubble
It just shows that you never know what could be around the next corner and we should live every single day to the full!
Thank you to everyone who text me over the last few days worried about my safety, much appreciated!


Date: 14/02/2011

So far its been an eventful 2 weeks in Australia. Lots of great work on my swing, 2 missed cuts by 1 shot both timesheartbreaking! 2 days of 40 degrees heat, a blue bottle jellyfish sting, a manta ray near miss, and one fabulous surfing experience where I actually got to my feet!

Im really pleased with how things are going with my game. The work I have done at home has paid off and now I am seeing improvements every day. Its like an upward spiral, once you improve one bit of the puzzle it all begins to slot together. My putting is also improving, for the first time ever I had 27 putts around Royal Pines, believe me that is some improvement for me on them annoying Bermuda greens!!!

Despite feeling good about my game I have missed the cut by 1 both weeks. The Australian Open didnt hurt as much because it was the first week out and I was basically seeing how my new swing would hold up under pressure. It was actually a couple of 3 putts that cost me as I was delighted with my stats for that week and especially how all the changes had held up under tournament pressure. However Royal Pines was a different story. I shot level par the first day and unfortunately didnt take advantage of some lovely iron play that day. The second day I shot 3 under par and was delighted with pretty much my whole game. I thought I had done more than enough to make the cut as it was lying at 1 under par overnight so it would probably be 2 under or 3 under at the most.unfortunately to everyones surprise it jumped to 4 under par (the lowest cut I have ever experienced on tour in 9 years.) Obviously there are still a lot of positives to take from the two weeks despite missing the cuts by 1 shot, just unfortunately no money!

So I am on my way to Christchurch now for the New Zealand Open and plan on continuing making progress with my game and hopefully start making some money instead of just spending it! The European girls have really seen a big change with how expensive everything is down here at the moment with the Aussie dollar being so strong. I just paid $5 for a vitamin water in the airport which is 3.60unbelievable!

Well I am pleased to be landing in Christchurch for a few reasons, it will definitely be 10 degrees cooler than Brisbaneresult! and my money may go a little further! well see how my changes hold up under more tournament pressure this week, Ill be in touch.


Date: 25/01/2011

Bound for Brisbane again, after what seems like a very short break at home for Christmas, a very nice one though Emirates again through Dubai and I am very impressed as usual. For years I used Singapore airlines but after paying 400 pounds in excess baggage for my golf clubs being 10kilos over weight 2 years ago, Ill not be using them again in a hurry!

Brisbane and Victoria have had horrendous flooding over the last few weeks so Im not too sure what to expect when I get there. The word was that it was receding fast but with a tropical storm making its way down the coast, I think my feet are in for a bit of a soaking

As usual I am staying at my friends Jamie & Sjaan Mathiou & family on the Gold Coast for a couple of nights and then making my way to Melbourne on Saturday ready for the Australian Open commencing a week on Thursday 3rd February. I am staying with my friends Trell, Maxine & Alissa Adams again in their beautiful house in the suburb of Hampton, Melbourne, I wonder whether the ducks are still there From there I fly back up to the Gold coast on the 7th Feb for the ANZ Masters 10th 13th Feb and then on my least favorite day of the year. 14th feb, I fly from Brisbane to Christchurch to commence the Pegasus New Zealand Open 17th-20th Feb.
This Christmas break was a short one after a long year but now I am on the plane, Im really looking forward to the start of the new season.

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