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Hassan II Golf Trophy

Date: 09/10/2007

Thanks to Jet 2 I am on my way to Morroco for the Hassan Trophy without my own golf clubsThey got lost on their way back from Holland 3 days ago and jet 2 havent seen or heard of them since! (Just what you want to hear when youve a quick turn around and a real chance of winning this week in Morroco)

I bumped into Scott Drummond in the airport, he tells me that Padrig Harrington, Darren Clarke and David Howell are just some of the names teeing it up this week along with my favorite, Sandy Lyle..Im so excited alreadybut I do wish I had my own clubs to play with!

We are playing the Hassan II Trophy 1hour and a half from Casablanca in Rabat. The Royal Golf Dar Es Salam is the venue for both the women and the mens tournaments, however we play the blue course and the men play the red. Two practice days this year and then two pro-am days played alongside the pros tournament, with the final day being pros only.

I play with Ping S58s a blade looking club with a cavity back, so you can imagine my horror when the only set of irons available to me in such short notice were some OFF-SET Ping raptures!!!! I cant tell you how much patience I have had to have this week, my irons were like the red arrows and I felt to be making good swings.Due to them being off-set I really struggled lining them up, thankfully I had one of my old drivers and a putter of mine or it could have been very ugly!!!

I managed to shoot level par the first day, 2 over par the second and 2 under par the third, leaving me on level par for the tournament and in 6th place. (Not bad with a mis mash of clubs) I was happy with the result, especially shooting 2 under par on the last day but at the same time a little disappointed that I couldnt have a proper run at the title with my own clubs...They eventually turned up at Doncaster airport, one airport I havent ever set foot in!! The eventual winner of the event was Gladys Nocera six under par aound that golf course was excellent and 4 ahead of the rest of the field. Padrig Harrington won the mens event with Darren Clark in close second.

A big part of the week at the Hassan II Trophy are the functionsand as always they were fantastic! Its great to meet the men at a tournament like this and hear the crack they have together, its so much fun to be around! New faces I met this year were Gary Evans, Simon Dyson, Richard Sterne, Charl Schwartzel, Padrig Harrington, Darren Clarke, Jamie Spence, along with past acquaintances Scott Drummond, David Howell and Roger Chapman and not forgetting my favourite Sandy! I had such a great time around them all again this year betting on birdies, taking the mickey and dancing the night away!!!! Definitely another Hassan II Trophy to remember

My Apologies!

Date: 06/10/2007

Im afraid I owe everyone that has been clicking onto my website an apology! My pc laptop decided to blow up earlier in the year..(July)..and this was unfortunately right in the middle of my season. I was then in two minds whether to go for another pc or a mac instead, seen as I use my computer for mostly music, pictures and surfing. I eventually went for the mac and despite some teething problems and with a lot of help from the mac store in Sheffield..I am very happy with it. I am now finally receiving the emails from my website onto my new mac and also now have word installed so that I can start and tell you about all my travels this year.
Apologies again!

Northern Ireland Ladies Open

Date: 27/05/2007

We are in Templepatrick, Belfast this week for the Northern Ireland Ladies Open. Its a three day event, which allowed me to be able to play in a testimonial day on Tuesday for my local pro at Cleckheaton golf club Mike Ingham. Mike is retiring after more than 25 years as the resident professional. He managed a great turn out of professionals and had a very emotional and memorable day.

We play the NI ladies open at the Hilton Templepatrick golf course. A lovely lay out of a golf course but unfortunately not allowed to be in the best condition. The course is ten years old but doesnt seems to have settled down, it is so hard and bouncy it has made chipping or any feel shots a bit of a nightmare!

The good part about the week was that we were asked to stay with friends we had met in Portugal and had a lovely time staying with them, despite the golf. We also got to see Elton John at the Belfast Arena during the week, a night to remember!

I missed the cut and couldnt wait to get away from that golf courseThe course will have to be playing a lot fairer if I am going to make the journey next year..

Italian Open Rome

Date: 24/05/2007

I cant believe how I have played today to come off with 72, 2 over par..I should probably calm down before writing this as I am still steaming! I played great today everything fell into place; I hit the ball well tee to green and began to convert some of those birdie chances. Then on one of the par fives I had 76 yards to the pin from the middle of the fairway and when I got to the ball it was nestled under a weed.yes in the middle of the fairway!!!! I could only see the top third of the ball and thought my only chance of getting it out was to hit it hard and try and get to the bottom of the ball. I knew it would come out low but not quite as low and as hard as it took off like a one iron in to the wind!! Unfortunately it went straight out of bounds and took my chances of making the cut with it! That was on the front nine so I knew I had to make some birdies on the back to have a chance. I had 3 birdies and two bogeys from that point and finished the day at 2 over par missing the cut by 3. Im not a negative person and never blame my scores on bad luck but in this case, it was just bad luck! I hope to have better luck in Ireland next week, Im staying with a family I met in Portugal at the beginning of the year so Im really looking forward to it, hopefully the luck of the Irish will be on my side!

Italian Open Rome

Date: 23/05/2007

74 today in the heat, thankfully the wind picked up to keep us from passing out! It actually got pretty difficult out there on the back nine with the wind. The golf course is quite tight and bouncy and used to be quite short up until this year.I played well all day was level par through 9 holes and had 5 birdie chances. I had an awkward lie into a tricky island green and unfortunately pulled it into the water. I made double and failed to get up and down at the next leaving me 3 over par from what was a pretty solid round. I had 3 more birdie chances and managed to convert 1 on the 17th to get back to plus 2 for the day.

Italian Open Rome

Date: 22/05/2007

You would think Rome is a great destination for a ladies European Tour event but in fact it is ridiculously hot, there are millions of tiny flies that eat you alive during your round and the golf course is unfortunately a municipal! Having said all that the food is amazing..

Its only 37 degrees this year as opposed to the 42 from last year!!!! We play at 12.30 the first day and 8.10 the next. I am playing well and think if we can get off to a good start we should do well.


Date: 17/04/2007

I have 10 days at home now before I leave for Tenerife and the first tournament on the ladies European tour. Its funny how I have an incline that I will be jam packed until I get on the plane on Friday 29th April. Sooo many things to do now as we count down to the bulk of the season. Last minute flights to book, roommates to organise. Ill be spending some time over at the Oaks Golf and Spa, seeing Graham for some last minute tips. Also Ill be practicing at Huddersfield Golf Club, I feel like I havent spent much time there yet since I moved from Cleckheaton, what with me being in Portugal so I am looking forward to meeting some more members, getting some good practice in and playing the great golf course. With the weather being so nice at the moment the course is looking in great shape and with it being quite hilly too it should help with the fitness!!!

Im very fortunate to have a sponsor this year through my manager Iain Mackenzie of MMI. Iain was able to secure Special Steel Group of Sheffield for this season which has been a huge weight off my shoulders. It has enabled me to go to Portugal for winter practice instead of last year where I worked full time right up until April. Due to this I have had my full attention on my golf game and have been able to look at my game in detail. I have learned a lot about my game and myself and Im sure this privilege will be the difference in my year.

Cross, my clothing sponsor has sent me the new seasons kit which looks great. I have been wearing cross now for 6 years, since I turned professional and I am as impressed as ever with the quality. The colours this year are bold and bright and a long way from the run of the mill golf stuff out there. Ill have to get it all logoed up with my sponsors emblem, ready for the cameras.

The only other things left to fit in and around all the other stuff is spending time with the family. I have my niece and nephew to stay over one night which I am really looking forward to and Ill be popping in for dinner at my parents a few times this week Im sure! Its so difficult being away from family and friends for most of the summer so I try to be as social as I can be and enjoy every minute of my friends time when I am around.

Pre-season Portugal

Date: 12/04/2007

Portugal has been as good as ever! Practicing in a t shirt and shorts most days with the sun beaming down and a cool breeze just to remind you its AprilIve worked hard on every aspect of my game and have seen an improvement daily. Ive also played a lot this pre-season and feel the changes I have made and am making are gradually affecting my game instead of the drastic changes I have made in the past. Most of that is thanks to my coach Graham Walker who continues to be a fountain of knowledge.

I was a little upset to leave Vila Sol and Barringtons, my home for the last 3 weeks and one which I could too easily adapt to..Portugal has always felt like a home from home to me, Vale do Lobo I was fortunate to visit when I was 17/18 when I played in the Daily Telegraph championship and from then on I have always had a soft spot for the area. There are a lot of English people down there and with the golf world being so small you can often bump into someone you know at the supermarket. All I have to do now is play good and eventually be able to buy something down there. I had a look around while I was there; Ive picked out a little town house on Vila Sol that I would love to ownwell I can dream!

Winter sunshine

Date: 08/04/2007

Having arrived back from Australia to the depths of an English winter I knew it was only a matter of time before I went in search of some decent weather to practice in. A couple of weeks later and after 4 miserable holes in the snow at the Sunningdale foursomes I headed back to sunny Portugal for some very enjoyable practice. Another cheap flight, a great base in Barringtons and golf at Vila Sol every day, Heaven!

I really love Portugal and especially the Algarve, great golf courses, wonderful beaches and with the golfing world being so small, you can bump into so many people you know.

Barringtons has changed quite a bit since my last visit in January. They installed a brand new state of the art gym for the arrival of Liverpool Football club, which has enhanced the place no end. They are also renovating a whole floor of rooms in the hotel which should be ready shortly but what impressed me the most was the buzz around the place. I went to one of the golf nights at the start of the week and what a giggle that was. Its twelve years since I last went to one and it was as good as I remembered. It is a really relaxed atmosphere with wine flowing and a great BBQ followed by target golf for prizes and a trick show from the host that had everybody in stitches. A great evening!

This week the Yorkshire Mens Team were also out for a weeks practice at Vila Sol. I didnt know the majority of them at the start of the week apart from their captain Iain McKenzie who is my manager and Graham Walker, Yorkshire, England and my coach. It was great to be here on the same week, I joined in on a few of their short game sessions, which I sucked at! (and must practice) and had a couple of pride matches with Iain and Graham from the back tees where I can safely say I held my own! All good fun and great to have some competition. I was so impressed with the lads, a really nice bunch of guys that worked hard and had fun with it! I wish Iain and the lads all the best for a very successful season.

ANZ Ladies Masters

Date: 09/02/2007

I am absolutely shocked to have missed the cut this week at the ANZ Ladies Masters I have played tee to green much better than last week where I made the cut! I have hit 14 greens both days and had 9 and 7 birdie chances under 15 feet and come off with 75, 76. The culprit being 32 putts the first day and 34 putts on the second. These greens have never been kind to me over the years but this time it was cruel. Watching putt after putt slide by the hole due to an over or under read was heartbreakingLast week the greens were bent grass and so true, you could put your life on whether it would break but this week on Bermuda greens the grain made it a lottery. I had the patience of a saint for 2 days and kept telling myself I would hole a putt soon. Unfortunately that only happened once on the first day and once on the second. Im not a fan of Bermuda greens, probably because I dont play on them all that often but after this traumatic experience at Royal Pines I vow to get my revenge on them next year. I played too well this week to be sat around on the weekend!

Aussie Open

Date: 05/02/2007


The first week of the season is always interesting, you find out how good you have practised during the winterand this winter I think I have done well. Ive learnt a lot about myself this last 10 months and learnt a totally different way of practicing, thanks to Graham Walker. I have eventually found the discipline to execute what I need to when I am away on tour and it is already having an impact on my game. I am really looking forward to this week on the gold coast for the ANZ Ladies Masters. It is a course I know well and if I can hole some putts on the tricky heavily grained greens it could be a good week.

Australian Women's Open

Date: 04/02/2007

I knew what I could do on Sunday, I was playing well, I just needed to put it all together. I birdied the first hole and knew it was going to be a good day. I hit the ball great, which is what you have to do around Royal Sydney; every shot is a real challenge. My touch on the greens returned and I carded 6 birdies which left me level par for the day before playing the 18th hole

I hit a great 3 wood to the corner and a fantastic 7 iron 10 ft right of the pin (which I thought was going to be perfect and set up my 7th birdie of the day) to my dismay, it pitched 2 yards past the pin and was swept left and off the green into a treacherous grass bunker, signature to the 18th hole of Royal Sydney. Unfortunately I didnt get up and down and finished with a 6, which took me to plus 2 for the day (74). It was the lowest score of the week for me so it was good to improve every day but very disappointing to fail at the 18th againespecially after hitting two great shots, but thats whats so difficult about Royal Sydney.

Women's Australian Open

Date: 03/02/2007

Having puttered great the first two days and struggled with my long game, it all turned around on Saturday. My long game improved and the touch that I had on the greens seemed to disappear as fast as the greens were running. Having had 4 3 putts in the first 12 holes I then settled down and holed some good par putts on the way in, including a good 10 footer on the eighteenth for par!!!!! The course played a lot tougher today, the wind was up and the scores reflected it. I had a 76 and moved up to joint 52nd from joint 70th. I hope everything can come together tomorrow and see what I can really do round this golf course. I am very positive about my first week out though, there are lots of small improvements that have been made and testing them out has been interesting and looks good for the future.

Women's Australian Open

Date: 02/02/2007

Two very different days golf lead to me making the cut at Royal Sydney Golf Club. I shot 75, 77 to make it on the nose and play the weekend at the Australian Open. Unfortunately I dropped 5 shots over two days on the eighteenth hole, a double the first day and then a triple the next. I can tell you I dont intend to let that hole take any more of my shots over the weekend!

I cant tell you how much I am enjoying playing this golf courseit is spectacular. You have to use so much imagination on and around the greens; every shot is a real challenge. And with the wind due to pick up for the weekend it should be fun!

I am pleased to tell you we did make it to the SCG to see England beat Australia in the one day International. What an amazing experience, the boys played great and redeemed themselves a little at least. We even got to meet Dawn Frazer, the Record breaking Olympic Swimmer, what a delightful person.

Women's Australian Open

Date: 31/01/2007

After an overnight stay in Bangkok to help with the jet lag, I arrive in Sydney refreshed and raring to go. We are playing the Australian Open at the Royal Sydney Golf Club, an honour and a first for the Womens Aussie Open, so Im told.

Set in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney we arent far from the amazing Oprah House and can actually see a few inches of the magnificent Harbour Bridge from our apartment.

The golf course is amazingly manicured and a real test with the wind blowing. The greens are big and undulating and getting faster every day. Its going to be all about the greens this week, hitting it into the right areas and keeping 3 putts off the cardIm really looking forward to getting the 2007 season underway.

Im playing late the first day and early the second. Due to this we have managed to get some tickets for the England V Australia One day match at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Friday afternoon/evening. (Truth is they are practically giving them away) Australia is not the greatest place to be at the moment if youre English. however I think I can grin and bear the barracking just enough to add the SCG to my experiences.

Winter sunshine

Date: 21/01/2007

Im a little relieved to see the back of 2006 and delighted to be starting a fresh. Ive worked hard this winter with my coach Graham Walker and am delighted that I am beginning to see some consistency back in my game.

I was waiting to see if I made it into the Australian Open and ANZ Ladies Masters early in Jan due to the field being limited to only 55 players from the European Tour. I am delighted to tell you that I made it comfortably and leave on Mon 22nd ready to start at Royal Sydney on the 28th.

Having had the news that I was playing I then had a panic about getting some practice in before I left for Australia. The weather had been so horrendous in England the first week in January and the long range forecast threatened more of the same! I decided to leave for Portugal, my favourite winter golf getaway. Thanks to Jet2 I was able to get a flight for 60 poundsridiculous! My long standing relationship with Travel rent, a hire car company out of Faro was also cheap at just 85 Euros and I was offered free accommodation at Barringtons in Vale do Lobo, a great place for the sporty traveller. So I thought why not! I unfortunately only had time for one week but what a week. I arrived in Faro to amazing blue sky, sunshine and more importantly NO WIND!!!! I played Vila Sol for the first time and loved it! I actually have a new goal now and thats to eventually be able to buy a place on Vila Sol, I fell in love with the golf course and the staff were fantastic. I also played San Lorenzo, an old favourite of mine, the prettiest golf course I have ever played.

So as you can tell I got lots of work done and loved every minute of my action packed week. I leave in a few days to Australia and cant wait to get started

Happy New Year!

Date: 10/01/2007

Happy New Year!
Im afraid I have taken some time off from writing during the winter and apologise for leaving you all hanging about my attempt at LPGA tour school. I was so disappointed to miss the first attempt due to some awful golf but then to wake up on the morning of my second attempt only to have a chronic stiff neck was heart breaking! I saw every physio I could find that week, along with spending far too much time in an outside Jacuzzi in 80 degrees of heat, not to mention the ton of Advil I was consuming daily but nothing would ease the pain and I had to settle for 180 yards off the tee and a grimace and grunt after every shot! I missed the cut by 2 despite putting in a gritty Yorkshire performance and my dreams of playing on the LPGA again have to wait for another year.

I settled back in at home and went back to work for GAGGIA (the Italian coffee machine maker) being a trained barista!!! It was like I had never left as I make quite a few coffees at home for friends and family.

During december I was very fortunate to be invited to the Mauritius Pro-am again. An amazing place for a lovely romantic get away with 5 days of golf along the way, fantastic! The organisers make everything so easy for the players it really is 12 days of luxury! I finished 10th and had a great time water skiing and wind surfing, after the golf had finished! I was back just in time for Christmas and had a lovely few days eating and drinking with my family.

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