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LPGA Qualifying Palm Springs

Date: 14/09/2006

Its strange to be back in America again, its been 2 years but it feels like only yesterday. There is a great vibe in America which I have grown to love and actually miss not being around. Im really excited to be back at tour school; I loved every minute of my time on the LPGA in 2003 and would love to be able to compete here again on a full time basis. Tour school weeks are renowned for being treacherous though, you wouldnt wish it on you worst enemy. I decided to bring my dad along for a bit of support this week, we get on great and whatever happens out there Im sure well have a laugh along the way. I'll try and keep you updated.

Lpga Qualifying Palm Springs

Date: 13/09/2006

It seemed to be a blessing in disguise being home a day earlier what with my cold and the fact that my parents were away so there would be no help with my washingThe most important thing I had to do while I was home was attend 2 dental appointments. So much to do and so little time! Despite a swollen face and dribbling I was able to see Graham, my coach over at the Oaks on Tuesday and as usual I came away fixed, positive and raring to go! I had struggled for 4 weeks out on tour missing cuts by one and two but the frustrating thing was that I felt to be hitting the ball well. We sorted the problem out, put a few new feelings into my putting and I was like a new person. I know he wants to build my golf game so it will travel meaning I will be able to fix it while Im away on tour but sometimes it would be great to just throw him in the suitcase with me every week!

I cant believe where the year has gone alreadyit always flies by when we have a few tournaments in a row but this year I think I managed to miss August altogether! September the 13th and Im already on a plane to LPGA Qualifying school wow! (Not the best time to be flying to the states, I wouldnt say I skipped onto the plane this morning at Manchester) I actually managed to spend 20 minutes with my family in the airport this morning as they arrived in Terminal 3 from holiday before I had to get across to T2 for my flight.busy eh!

You miss out on quite a bit of normal life when youre a professional golfer. Most people just think how wonderful it is to be travelling the world doing something you love, they are right, it is fantastic and I am very lucky but there are downsides and one of them that I find difficult during the summer is having very limited time with your family and friends. At this time of year most of us on tour are looking forward to some time at HOME away from planes, trains, coaches, hotels and restaurants. Forget fancy restaurants and convenient food.a home cooked meal in front of the TV is what were all pining for. This week I am sharing a condo with Joanne Mills from Australia and my father. It will be great fun we have more than four walls to look at and we can cook ourselves! The only trouble with that though is the supermarkets are so amazing out here it will take me 2 hours to do the shopping!

Denmark Ladies Open

Date: 08/09/2006


I woke up the next morning with probably the worst sore throat I think I have ever had. I took medication and did my practice thing as usual but 2 days later a trip to the doctor was required. He confirmed that I had picked up a nasty cold, stocked me up with medication and away I went to play the tournament.

I got it round the first day but had 4 3 putts on the back nine which resulted in 76 4 over par. The next day I knew I had to play good to make the cut and did just that, after 17 holes I was 1 over par for the day and happy with the way I had hit the ball and handled myself in my state of flu. Unfortunately I still had one hole to play and Ill try to explain it but I still dont really know what happened..A straight forward par 4 really. with Out Of Bounds cutting in on the left and a small tricky two tier green. I knew the wind was strong from right to left straight across the hole but I had just hit three great drives on the last three holes and was very happy going into the shot.

I hit this weak shot which started to turn over in the wind, I saw my ball land on the fairway and kick furiously towards the OOB. My ball came to rest an inch over the out of bounds on the left and that was it, all my hard work of the day vanished. I knew there and then that I would miss the cut and sure enough I was right. Its always difficult when it happens like that, you put so much effort in for the best part of 3 hours battling in the wind and then it all disappears in one second.

Ive felt for three weeks now that Im hitting the ball well but just not scoring. My putting hasnt been on top form but Ive put a lot of work in this week and it is showing signs of life again. I wanted to go to America having played tournaments and although it hasnt been my best run of results I am in playing mode and hopefully it will come together out there. Im working harder than ever to improve my game so its got to come together shortly!

It was nice to see my pal KM Juul win her first event this week, especially when it was in her home country. Another nice thing that happened to me this week was seeing my host family and friend from last year, I was even given a present! (I hope your meeting went well Helle and thanks very much for the present, they will look great in the house,when I get it back!) I generally get private housing in Denmark and the famillies I have stayed with have been very welcoming. This week was also great, Evelyn and Bent were very relaxed, very helpful and great people. Thank you!

Denmark Ladies Open

Date: 06/09/2006

Another plane, another week and we arrive in Odense, a lovely little town in Denmark. Unfortunately the trip to get here has been named the road trip from hell by the girls.We flew into Copenhagen airport at 10pm on Sunday night and were to board a bus for 2 hours to Odense arranged by the promoter.

We had visions of a 40 seated coach and all 20 of us able to stretch out and sleep on the journey. Unfortunately we were very wrong. The coach we had envisioned turned out to be a 16 seated mini bus..yes not enough seats for a start. We all mucked in, as we do on the Ladies European Tour and got underway in the bus at 10.30pm, with 4 girls taking a taxi. There was no room on this bus at all, we all sat upright for 2 hours fearing for our lives, going over the bridge in high winds with a non English speaking maniac for a driver! Nice!

After that start to the week we were wondering what was in store for us but thankfully I met my host family for the week and they were lovely. The golf course wasnt the best course I have ever played but it was in good condition and the helpers at the club were very friendly.

Finnair Masters

Date: 02/09/2006

Not my best day at the officeGolf aside, I unfortunately let myself be affected by a visiting rules official that was quite rude and eager to show his authority! I shouldnt have let him bother me in the slightest but unfortunately for me on this particular day I just couldnt let it go. All in all I missed the cut because of it dropping 5 shots on my last seven holes to miss by one!

Its amazing this game you just keep on learning every day.

Finnair Masters

Date: 01/09/2006

The first day at the Finnair Masters started bad with two bogeys on the first 3 holes but after a solid stretch on the back nine two birdies got me back to level, only to drop a silly shot at the last!
I expected the scores to be a lot better than they were but fortunately for me they arent that great. I suppose its a tricky golf course, with wind and fast undulating greens. Im in 26th at the moment so it will be nice to hold or move up a little tomorrow and have a chance on Sunday.

Finnair Masters

Date: 30/08/2006

Another quick visit home and on another plane to Finland via Stockholm. I go straight to Denmark from Finland so its two weeks away this time. I am really looking forward to playing the next two weeks, after them I have a day at home to visit the Dentist and then I go to straight to America for the first stage of the LPGA qualifying school. So these two weeks are all geared to fine tuning for America.

Ive recently met Lynn Booth (Physiotherapist and bio mechanics specialist) again. I met her first through the ELGA amateur system and now through my coach Graham Walker. We worked on some things together with Graham and I am very impressed. I hit the ball so different this last week and Im eager to continue the exercises and see where they will take me. I feel like Im improving all the time with Graham, when it all comes together it will be very special.

My friend and Director of In-Sight Property Solutions are making it possible to go to the qualifying in the states this year. I am delighted to be going, last year I couldnt afford to go so having the opportunity this year when the fees and the standard of golf goes up every year, its amazing. My dad will travel with me to the first stage.well we did make it through last time together so Im hoping for a double! Its the most stressful time ever so its nice to have people around you that you feel comfortable with and that you know are pulling for you.

SAS Masters

Date: 27/08/2006

I was paired with Helen Alfredson on the third day, which I was looking forward too. She has always been very nice to me on tour and I must say I really enjoyed today, even though I didnt quite gel on the golf course.

Funny really I hit some good shots, but I also hit some bad and didnt recover very well on the greens. I suppose its another cut though even though the wage probably wont pay the expenses, Oslo being the most expensive city in the world. To give you an insight a glass of wine is about 7.50 pounds and that is the house wine!!!!
Till next week!

SAS Masters

Date: 26/08/2006

Morning on the second day, the greens were a little dryer but unfortunately I holed less putts.funny how that happens! I shot 75, made the cut by 2 and was in 32nd place.

SAS Masters

Date: 25/08/2006

We did manage to play the first day despite more rain The afternoon greens were very interesting, almost unplayable, soft spike marks a plenty and very frustrating butt despite all that I managed to birdie the last for 72 level par.

I played well, hit 17 out of 18 greens which is an improvement and was very happy with the progress made with Graham Walker on Monday.

SAS Masters

Date: 24/08/2006

Another quick turn around and Im in Norway for the SAS Masters. And yes.its still raining!!! I flew into Oslo at 11.55pm Tuesday night after stopping at Copenhagen and unfortunately my clubs didnt arrive with me.. I had a bit of a nightmare actually because the train I had to get finished at 12.35am from the airport, the next one being 05.35am..With my clubs not arriving I had to fill in forms at the SAS desk. (Typical the first time I lose my clubs in 5 years and the tournament is sponsored by the same airline!) I expressed my urgency to catch the train and thus not sleep in the airport, grabbed the form and ran for the train. I caught the train with two minutes to spare.

After my exciting night I had a lazy morning and a great phone call from SAS saying my clubs would be at the club at 1.00pm. RESULT! (I wasnt a 100% that I would ever see them again so to be re-united with them so quick was fantastic.)

I managed to get 9 holes in after the pro-am on Wednesday and walked the front 9 today. We were here a few years ago and it was wet and long but this year Im sure it is wetter and longer! The ball doesnt seem to fly as far here for some reason, maybe its because its always raining!!!

I left the course this afternoon in the rain and it was still raining when we had dinner so Im not sure what to expect tomorrow or whether we will play at all!

Welsh Ladies Open of Europe

Date: 20/08/2006

I flew back from Stockholm on Monday 14th and had to wash and pack and leave Tues. for the Welsh Open. (Nothing new just another week on the road)

I played well on Thurs and Friday but didnt make my fair share of putts. I made the cut on the nose but knew I could shoot lower scores over the weekend. I got off to a good start on Saturday but the weather closed in as it always seems to do at Machyns Peninsula..We had the most horrendous down pours I have ever played golf in. One of them was a 20 min cloud bursts that you wouldnt have been able to drive in let alone play golf in! I was very happy to get round in 1 over par on Saturday which was one of the better morning scores and moved me up from 51st to 39th.

Sunday came and I went out with a very businesslike attitude. Believe it or not my thought for the day wasYour not going to give any more Euros to the rest of the field today! I knew I was playing well and I was fed up of making silly mistakes and allowing bad weather to ruin my chances. It worked; I shot 4 under par for the day, 3 under par total and moved up from 39th to 26th. I took some Euros instead of giving them felt great!

TPC Hosted by Annika

Date: 12/08/2006

The second day of the TPC was very different. I knew I had to go out there and attack, I thought 4 under par would get me to make the cut and I was right! I played excellent golf, much like the pro-am day and I did get to 4 under par.only to drop two silly shots at my 16th hole of the day. I had decided to play aggressive so I went for my 16th hole, a par 5 in two. I ended up in a fairway bunker 40 yards from the pin. I caught it a bit thin and had to declare the ball unplayable and hit from the bunker again. Eventually I took 7, dropping 2 shots left me on 2 under par for the day but meant missing the cut by 2!!!

I was devastated because its such a great event and one to play good in but I took some positives with me, I shot 2 under the last day which was the same as Annika that day, I also shot 3 under in the pro-am. Apart from the one off the planet round I was playing good. Although I didnt play at the weekend I decided to stay and use the excellent facilities to improve on the positives for next week.

TPC hosted by Annika

Date: 10/08/2006

The opening round of the tournament players championship, after an amazing 7 under par by Annika today I think it should be called owned by Annika not hosted by Annika By the time I was on the first tee Annika was half way through her lunch and I would think quite rightly enjoying it. Seven under round there is amazing, however it is Annikas home course and she knows it like the back of her hand, the word is she has worked in the clubhouse, the pro shop and even cut the greens..

My golf on the other hand was 7 over par, a much different story to Annikas and a very frustrating day for meNothing went right, it was a struggle from the word go and best forgotten about really! I put it down to having 3 weeks from tournament golf, as I was very happy with my game before the tournament. I shot 3 under in the pro-am the day before and came second, so you can imagine my disappointment.

TPC Hosted by Annika

Date: 09/08/2006

Im in Sweden this week, after a few weeks offbut best not to talk about the past so lets concentrate on the future!

I came a few days early to Sweden and was therefore able to catch up with my good friend and old roommate from college in the states, Jessica Krantz. We managed to play a social round of golf together, something we have very rarely, if ever managed to do. It was lovely to spend some time in Stockholm and it was a very different Sweden from the one I visited at New Year in the depths of winter.

I am here of course to play the Tournament Players Championship, hosted by Annika. The course is in great condition and the greens are interesting to say the least! Big mountains in many greens results in not many places to put the pinsor silly pins, hopefully it is the first one.

Ladies Central European Open

Date: 16/07/2006

Unfortunately due to storms in Hungary from the second day onwards I was unable to update you daily on my progress The second day started well with an eagle on my 2nd hole of the day but then due to some inconsistent putting and 1 lost ball I fell to 1 over par before the storm. The storm arrived on our 15th hole of the day and took 90 minutes to blow over. My last 4 holes in the rain were full of all sorts.I started with a birdie, then went on to make a great bogey by holing out from 20 feet after losing my second ball of the day (I cant remember the last time I lost a ball, then I have two in one round!). I then made a solid par and a lip out for birdie on the last to finish at 1 over for the day and 2 under par for the tournament. This left me in 39th position and way down the field with a day to go.

The only good thing about being in that position was that I was out early and had a chance to post a score out of the intense heat of the day. I did just that. It was very windy on the last day and anything around par or under was going to move up. I played very steady and used my head in the wind; I opened up with 2 birdies in the first four and collected a couple more along the way only to loose one to a three putt and the other on my favourite hole 18!!!!!!!! All in all it was a very good 2 under par for the day and four under par for the tournament which moved me up 25 places into a tie for 14th.

In general a good week, I was very happy with the way I hit the ball and the progress my coach and I are making on my swing and short game. Ive now got a week at home to practice for the British Open which I have to final qualify for on the Monday of the week.

Ladies Central European Open

Date: 13/07/2006

Well....I did come out of the blocks fast, my name was on the leader board all day...I had 6 birdies and was one behind the leader on the 18th tee. Let me talk you through it....

The eighteenth hole is quite a long weird shaped hole. You actually need to hit a fade off the tee and a draw into the green to thread yourself through the big trees that line the fairway. Some players have hit driver and some hit 7 woods off the tee. As it was a little down wind today I took a 5 wood. (Thus leaving myself far enough back from the big tree on the left if I did happen to hit it slightly left.) As it happens I hit it down the left just off the fairway but I thought it was far enough back from the tree to hit a little high 7 wood into the green. I hit a good shot but it came out a lot lower than I expected, it unfortunately hit the tree and shot 40 yards left and out of bounds! Disaster! I then tried an alternative route and ended up making a great up and down for a seven. That left me with a total for the day of 68 three under par, which is currently four off the lead.

Not the best way to finish off what was an immaculate round of golf up to then. All I can take away with me is that I did play great today and unfortunately without hitting a bad shot I took seven at the last. I guess I've played THE GAME long enough to understand you have to take the rough with the smooth out here or else you would go for now I'm going to take the positives out of the day of which there were many and look forward to tomorrow.

Ladies Central European Open

Date: 12/07/2006

I have to mention it.....What a shame about the footie, absolutely guttered to loose on penalties again! I really thought we had a chance this year, if they played to their potential....Mind you I should know that your potential, and what you actually play like can be sometimes be very different. I'd like to be at that first Man Utd training session with Rooney and money's on Rooney!!!

I'm in Hungary this week for a very hot Ladies Central European Open. Storms are forecast for Thurs- Sat, which are very welcome at the moment as there is no getting out of the 37 degrees on the golf course.

I last played here 2 years ago and I must say the golf course has improved dramatically since then. Its only a three day tournament this week so I'll have to get out of the blocks fast tomorrow. It's a very short but tricky golf course with water everywhere. I had to laugh at one of the rules officials earlier this week, he was urging us to go and buy mosquito spray. His job for two days was to re-mark all the water hazards and he is absolutely covered in bites. In his words...I've been eaten

I am playing at 8.40am tomorrow so it will be nice to post something early with it being a 3 day tournament. I have wireless in the hotel this week so I'll try and keep you posted daily!

Estoril Ladies Open Of Portugal

Date: 25/06/2006

Cascais, Lisbon should be re-named Chicago (the windy city) The flight from Barcelona was the worst flight I have had for 5 years..turbulence every second from take off to landing, how I didnt need to use the sick bag I will never know. We arrived at the golf course on Tuesday morning to 18 knots of wind, ridiculous conditions for golf. The four club wind we started with at 9.00am on the practice ground actually increased during the round, so much so that if the tournament would have been that day I think it would have been cancelled. The locals arent expecting much change to the weather apart from a slight reduction in the strength of the wind for the first day.

The wind did die down for Thursdays morning round but arrived back to the delight of the afternoon players.I shot 77 in the wind in the afternoon and couldnt wait for my calm morning the next day. Instead I woke at 6.30am to blustery wind, not a good sign for the day ahead. The morning players battled through the wind, myself included, only to hear the news that at 1.30pm that afternoon, play had been suspended. The afternoon players not coping as well with the blustery conditions meant that more than half the field had to finish off their rounds early Saturday morning. The cut ended up being plus 9 and we had a shot-gun start in the afternoon for the players that made it. I carried on playing the same golf I had brought with me to Portugal.not bad golf but not quite there and holing nothing, I eventually finished tied 60th.

From Cascais Saturday evening I drove down to the Algarve to play in a charity pro-am on Sunday with a few other players. It was held at the new course at Villamoura and very nice tooI played with some really nice guys that live out there and laughed all day! The club staff looked after us very well and on the whole it was a thoroughly enjoyable day which raised over 14,000 euros for charity. The only draw-back was that I only got to see the first half of the England game before I had to leave for the airport. However thanks to Jet 2, I did manage to get home in time to see the highlights! Come on England!!!!


Date: 18/06/2006

Its amazing what a couple of days at home can do. I had a day with my family yesterday and saw my coach today, straightened out a few things and I cant tell you how much happier I feel. I can now travel to Portugal positive and refreshed.

Its nice to see Gladys Nocera win her second event on the Ladies European Tour this week with her win in Italy. I played collegiate golf with her in America when we were on Golf Scholarships, shes a lovely girl and has progressed into a great player over the last few seasons.

I leave for Portugal tomorrow lunchtime from Leeds/ Bradford, it would be nice to have a good finish this week as it is the last tournament before the deadline for the British Open entries. Wish me luck!

BMW Italian Open

Date: 17/06/2006

After 5 days at home you would think I would leave for Rome refreshed but unfortunately having not been home for the last 5 weeks there was lots to do.I ended up trying to fit everything in and therefore left for Rome slightly jaded. Nothing a couple of long nights sleep couldnt cure though, so when Wednesday the first day of the tournament arrived I was fit and raring to go.

Having 3 puttered the 2nd and double bogeyed the 3rd I thought this could be a tough day. The rest of the day was filled with very average golf and only 1 birdie. I finished the day on 76. I knew the cut would be around 2 over par so that meant I needed 2 under par on Thursday to make sure I made the cut. On Thursday I played great, I was in control, I was 3 under par stood on the seventeenth tee and then I hit the destructive shot that has been tormenting me for the last month. I have been hitting a push cut that appears sometimes under pressure and sure enough there it was again!

After scrambling back to a foot from the hole for what I thought was going to be a putt for a bogey..I missed my amazement, and the reason, because I was mad with myself and thinking I needed to make birdie on 18 to make the cut!!!! I hadnt given that 2 foot putt my whole attention and it had slipped by. I cant tell you how angry I was with myself for making a stupid error like that and I cant tell you the last time I did it. I now needed eagle on the 18th to make the cut and had made my life a whole lot harder as hole 18 was not a hole where you went for the green in two. Surrounded by bunkers and flanked by water, youve got to be stupid or desperate to go for this par 5 in two! However needing an eagle to make the cutI was desperate!

I hit a big drive to the end of the fairway and had 238 yards to the front of the green. I then hit a perfect 3 wood which managed to thread itself through the bunkers onto the front of the green. Having had the huge risk pay off, all I had to do now was hole the putt.Unfortunately the 30 foot putt although it looked like going in, sat on the edge of the hole and left me with a tap in for birdie. Very good under normal circumstances but not good enough this week. As I had predicted I missed the cut by one, my first missed cut of 2006. Guttered, I flew home for the weekend to clear my head.

KLM Open, Holland

Date: 04/06/2006

Unfortunately due to wireless problems at the club this week I havent been able to keep you updated, here is a belated version..
The cold weather did stay with us for the beginning of the week, we were wearing everything we had brought with us for the first couple of days.I had 3 under and 2 under to make the cut comfortably and looked forward to a good final day. Unfortunately I had an up and down day with 6 birdies and 8 bogies, to finish on 3 under par for the tournament. Quite disappointing really after 2 good scoring days, I hadnt hit the ball well all week so I suppose my final placing of 11th was pretty good. My putting had come back to me and helped me out no end. I would give anything to have it all go well together!!!!

French Open of Arras

Date: 28/05/2006

Arrasa beautiful little town north of Paris. However in the rain and the wind last week the town was almost deserted and the golf course was transformed into a mud bath! I played well the first day and unfortunately shot a loose 78 in the wind on Friday, however as the wind grew ever stronger on Friday afternoon the cut began to creep upwards and my last 6 holes that I managed to par were a lifesaver as I made the cut on the nose at 8 over par.

The wind stayed with us over the weekend and even though my putting and short game had improved I made too many mistakes on the front nine and shot 75, 73 over the weekend. Yes, another cut made but its no fun playing early on Sunday. We even had time to do our laundry on Sunday afternoon, not exactly what I had in mind at the start of the week!

From France its a short drive to Eindhoven, Holland for the KLM Ladies Open, the last week in four. Unfortunately as we drove on Monday the weather followed us. I woke this morning to showers of Hail and 12 degrees, somehow I dont think Ill be wearing the shorts this week either!

Ladies French Open

Date: 24/05/2006

Anything but a duck pond crossing! Typical! I havent been on a ferry for at least 10 years and now I remember whyHaving got rid of my sea legs on Tuesday with ironing in the morning and practicing in the afternoon, I ventured out on the course on Wednesday in the pro-am. Blustery conditions met us in Arras, France for the French Ladies Open. The golf course has had lots of rain over the last 2 weeks but is surprisingly dry considering. If the wind stays with us all week it will be interesting to say the leastI hit two 3 woods into par fours today and Im not short! Speak to you later in the week.

Swiss Ladies Open

Date: 21/05/2006

In another airport waiting for a flight HOME..The end of a very frustrating week for me. I am hitting the ball well and scoring awful. I made the cut again but unfortunately dont seem to be able to get the ball in the hole at the weekend! 77, 73 doesnt exactly get you rich out here, let alone in the winners circle! Along with the wind fooling me on Saturday the greens have been a mystery to me all week. At times like this throwing my putter, along with myself, into the lake at the eighteenth is very temptingHowever, In this game you have to try and remain positive so I have two more weeks before a week off and I am determined to get something out of them.

A short night at home awaits me and then the drive down to Dover and the ferry to Dunkirk on Monday for the French Ladies Open of Arras. I dont normally do ferries so Ill be calling for some travel sickness pills on the way, and praying for a duck pond crossing!

Deutche Bank Ladies Swiss Open

Date: 17/05/2006

Two coach rides and a short plane ride later, I find myself in Losone, Switzerland for the Deutche Bank Ladies Swiss Open. From Milan Malpense airport it is a gorgeous coach ride through lakes and mountain villages to Losone. Losone is a very quaint little village with two beautiful towns nearby of Ascone and Locarno, both on the water. From our basic but very clean hotel we are surrounded by the Swiss Alps, which still have snow on their peaks, very picturesque!

The total prize fund this week is E500, 000 so it has attracted a good field back from America. Laura Davies and Carin Koch are headlining the field. The golf course is a little on the short side but very tricky in places with lots of water and very little room for error! The greens are in fabulous shape, very similar to Tenerife and with the golf course being short its all about the putting!

Im hitting the ball well, very happy with what I am working on and looking forward to a good week on the greens!

Spanish Open

Date: 15/05/2006

Unfortunately no more putts were holed over the weekend. A very frustrating time on the greens led to a boring 71, 74 and a position of 37th!!! A shame really because I had played some lovely golf during the week and hadnt felt that I had taken full advantage. However we must stay positive in this game and there is always another week to put things right.

Spanish Open

Date: 12/05/2006

The first of four weeks on tour.A nice golf course, Panoramica, but unfortunately we were spoilt in Tenerife with the greensthey are a bit inconsistent here to say the least! After lots of adventures off the course like loosing locker keys and caddies not turning up, one over par after 2 rounds isnt bad! My putting has been very average though and Im hoping to hole a few more over the weekend!


Date: 07/05/2006

My 2006 season is underway at last and although unfortunately not with a bang, it started with a solid top ten finish in the Tenerife Ladies Open which Im sure a lot of players would have wanted at the start of the week. I say not with a bang because I birdied 3 holes in a row on Sunday on the back nine to get within 2 of the lead and move into a tie for second place. One unfortunate bad shot on hole 16 though, lead to a double bogey 6 and I swiftly dropped into a tie for 8th..
I do take some comfort in the fact though that in the last 4 years; I have finished in the top 10 every time in Tenerife!

I really enjoyed getting back in the saddle; it was great to be playing tournament golf again and even better to see some sunshine. I had my parents and auntie and uncle out there with me for the week, which was nice to have the support at my first tournament of the year. The golf course Abama was a very demanding walking course, so although they didnt thank me for it at the time they have returned a lot fitter than they went!!! Probably the best condition of a course we will play all year and with scenic panoramic views of the coastline, it was a pleasure to play.

I have had a week at home to continue my work with my new coach and I leave on Monday morning of the 8th to Barcelona and the Spanish Open. From there I fly to Milan to take part in the Swiss Open, just across the border and then I fly home. I will have a very short night in my bed and then I drive to France for the Arras Ladies Open and from there to Holland for the KLM Open. So a busy four week period coming upI cant wait! Hopefully you can follow my progress either on-line or teletext or Sky sports the Tuesday after the event if you have it! Otherwise I will try and keep you posted on here along the way.

2006 looking forward to the season

Date: 12/04/2006

Its been very different this winter. Not having the funding to try and qualify for the LPGA ended my 2005 season a lot earlier than usual at the end of September. Along with that there was only one LET ranking event in Australia in February which made the trip extremely expensive and unfortunately with no financial backing, out of my reach. That left me with 6 months of winter at homethe longest I have had at home in 10 years. It would have been nice to work at my game, spend a lot of time in the gym and catch up with family and friends but unfortunately with so many months without a wage coming in and the travel expenses that come with being a golf professional, I was straight to the first place that were advertising for Christmas staff.Currys.

I worked at Currys until after Christmas and then fortunately through a friend I went to work for Gaggia, the Italian coffee machine maker, until mid march. I love coffee and have thoroughly enjoyed working at Gaggia and also have become a fully trained barista whilst working for the company. I look forward to joining them again this winter after what I hope will be a successful season.

The first tournament for me this season will be the Tenerife Ladies Open at Abama Golf Club from the 27th- April. I have been working on my game in between working throughout the winter and have recently started seeing a new coach. One thing that has come through working full time during the winter is a refreshed feeling for tour life. I am so excited to start the year and cant wait to see some sunshine!

Hassan II Trophy

Date: 28/02/2006

Mid February in Morocco, North Africa you would think it would be at least short sleeves weather.. Unfortunately not! I arrived to find they had already had more than average rainfall for February and were expecting more while we were there.

I had been extended an invitation through my friend, foursomes partner and European Tour Player Roger Chapman. Roger, a previous winner of the Hassan Trophy, has enjoyed many visits to the Royal Golf Dar Es Salam and the hospitality of the late King Roi Hassan II and present Prince Moulay Rashid for many years. For me though it was my first visit to Morocco and first time playing in the Hassan II Trophy.

Thirty male USA / European Tour Players and thirteen Ladies European Tour Players are invited to compete for the Hassan Trophy Titles. Previous names on the Prestigious Trophies include Colin Montgomerie, Nick Price and Marie-Laure de Lorenzi to name but a few.

I was so excited to start playing again after having worked full time during the winter at Currys.. and as I boarded the plane at Heathrow I met Mark Roe, Gordon Brand, Malcolm Mackenzie, Scott Drummond and last but not least Sandy Lyle. I was a little awe struck to say the least. Sandy Lyle winning the U.S. Masters in 1988 had had a huge influence on me taking up the game, so you can imagine how excited I was when I finally met him. During the week I was also to meet Constantino Rocca, Peter Baker and Sam Torrance who eventually won the tournament by making a birdie in the playoff. More household names in golf and it has to be said a truly lovely bunch of lads.

Golf wise I knew it could be high scores, having chosen to stay at home and work instead of playing in Australia and having limited practice in between working through the English winter, I knew when I woke up to strong wind on Thursday morning it wouldnt be pretty! Rust and wind dont exactly go together! After going out with little expectations I shot a very rusty 81. However after putting with what felt like a sledgehammer the 74 and 73 that followed were a welcome retrieve, especially when I had to face the boys every night for dinner! I eventually finished 9th, unfortunately all the damage was done in the first round. However it was a very enjoyable week of tournament golf under my belt and highlighted things to work on for the upcoming season.

The functions during the week were something else, we had cocktail parties, gala dinners and a private party with the Prince on Sunday evening or should I say Monday morning.(Check out one or two photos in the gallery, unfortunately I cant show you them all!)

I watched the men in the pouring rain on Sunday, after the girls tournament had finished. They made it look so easy even in the horrible weather. Despite my golf it was an amazing week. I felt like a kid in a candy store most of the time and honoured to meet such a great bunch of guys! A most memorable and enjoyable week!

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